White Privilege Thy Name is Donald Trump


Let’s conduct a thought experiment. Ask yourself: What if Donald Trump, all things being equal, was a black (or Latino or First Nations or Muslim or Asian) man? Trump brags about sexually assaulting women by grabbing their “pussies.” He has been divorced twice and is a serial adulterer. Trump is belligerent and hostile to women having called them “pigs, dogs, and slobs.” He has declared bankruptcy four times and refused to pay his employees and contractors. Trump has not paid federal income tax in (at least) ten years. He encourages violence at his political rallies and other events. Trump has also made veiled threats that his political rival, Hillary Clinton, should be shot or put in prison. During their second presidential debate, Trump hovered over Clinton in a menacing way, lurking about the stage like an abuser, one ready to wallop or otherwise assault his wife or partner. Trump wallows in his ignorance yet considers himself genius and expert — “he appears not to read.”Trump is an overt bigot and racist whose political campaign has numerous connections to hate groups. During the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump has been graded on a curve by the corporate news media where “doing better than expected” is elevated to the level of success and competency.


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